The first Credobus Electronell has left the factory. It’s the first full electric bus by Hungarian manufacturer Credobus, that claims the bus empty weight “does not reach 11.5 tons, which is unique among e-buses with a metal frame structure”.

The launch of the new product was announced in late 2023. The Electronell series is an electrified version of the Econell Next series, known for its lightweight design.

credobus electronell

Credobus Electronell has batteries in the floor

The traction drive system of the Credobus Electronell is supplied by Voith and the battery packs by BorgWarner (up to 294 kWh, formula is not specified). The factory tests of the solo bus are currently underway, and the 18-meter, articulated version will arrive in the second half of 2024.

The concept of Credobus is based on a metal frame structure that fits into the existing maintenance environment and is almost completely recyclable. The weight reduction is ensured by the optimization of the frame structure and heavy-duty 19.5″ axles.

Due to the Credobus Electronell’s Low Entry design, 2 out of 3 batteries are placed under the floor, which ensures a low center of gravity and thus excellent stability, especially when cornering. “Thanks to the 19.5″ wheel size, the wheel arches are lower, which means that there are no unused spaces between the backrests of the seats placed on them”, Credobus states.

Due to the low-positioned drivetrain, the normal height floor section provides full-value, flat standing areas. In contrast to the rear design of Low Floor buses the last row of seats on the bus is also full width.

The solo demo bus is made with a 2-2-2 door arrangement, and its interior layout is suitable also for urban and suburban applications.


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