Dancer Bus has been awarded with one of the Golden A’ Design Award 2019 – 2020, in the category Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation. The award organization announced recently that the Lithuanian vehicle project by Lithuanian company Vejo projektai has been honored with a prize.

dancer bus

Two Dancer buses on Klaipėdos streets

The Lithuanian municipality-owned operator Klaipėdos autobusų parkas recently completed the acquisition procedures of two units. The first generation of Dancer bus received EU-wide certificate for passenger transportation in 2019, the producer points out. The launch of Dancer follows a test of composite materials applied to an old Skoda trolleybus, that has been converted to fully electric battery-based operation in Dancer’s labs. After this, the concept electric bus was created through the use of composite materials, also derived from recycled PET bottle plastic. The vehicle, 12 meters long, is equipped with in-wheel motors (the ZF AxTrax delivering a total of 250 kW).

The bus is fully equipped with comfort measures such as a modern AC system, high-speed wireless internet, USB sockets and an extendible ramp for wheelchair access. The bus also provides comfortable features for drivers such as night vision cameras transmitting 3D simulation of the surroundings to monitors that replace mirrors, the company highlights.


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