Foton signed a deal for 1,022 electric city buses headed to Santiago de Chile. Total value? 1.6 billion RMB. The deal, signed in August, marks the biggest order of domestically manufactured electric city buses from the overseas market.

Currently, over 300 units of Foton electric buses (accounting nearly 40%) are working in Chile. After this arrival, Foton electric bus fleet will become the biggest one in Latin America.

Following the order of 1,000 electric buses in India in 2020, Foton has once again set a new record for Chinese electric buses in overseas markets, the manufacturer underlines.

Latin America appears to be a performance leader when it comes to electric bus deployment. As of April 2022, there were 3,209 electric buses in operation across Latin America according to the E-Bus Radar launched in May 2020.

foton santiago chile

Foton to send 1,002 e-buses in Santiago de Chile

In January, 2021, Foton officially joined Zero Emission Bus Rapid-Deployment Accelerator (also known as ZEBRA), a project which was jointly launched by International Council on Clean Transport (ICCT) and C40 Cities Network. The project, with a total investment of over one billion US dollars, aims to put over 3,000 units electric city buses on the road in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Colombia.

Taking the Chilean market as an example, since November 2019, Foton has won orders for 215 new energy buses (that were delivered in September 2020) and injected “Foton power” into Chile’s green public transportation. Now it has successfully won orders for 1,022 pure electric buses.

In 2021, Foton had already won orders for 138 new energy buses in Chile, becoming the leading brand in Chile.

foton santiago chile


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