13 Yutong electric buses are headed to Leicester, where they’ll be “dressed up” with Roberts Travel Group’s livery and will convert the three park-and-ride services of the city to zero emission operations. The vehicles will be delivered by the dealer Pelican Bus & Coach. The debut in operation is scheduled for early 2021.

In March this year Pelican Bus & Coach was also ordered a Yutong electric bus from McGill, in Scotland.

yutong electric bus leicester

Electric buses and improved frequencies for Leicester

As well as reducing bus exhaust emissions, the investment (that follows the Transforming Cities Bid to the Department for Transport) will also finance improved service frequencies. This is predicted to cut some 700,000 car miles each year from congested urban roads, as drivers are increasingly attracted to switch to electric buses at Birstall, Enderby and Meynells Gorse Park and Ride sites, according to Pelican Bus & Coach.

Leicester opts for Yutong buses with 422 kWh

After a tendering exercise, the Yutong E12 was selected to operate these routes, based upon criteria such as vehicle performance, battery life, warranties and the total commercial proposition. The E12’s will be fitted with innovative features for passenger comfort such as full air conditioning, LED lights, USB charging points and state of the art passenger information systems. Pelican Bus & Coach points out. The vehicles are fitted with 422kWh water cooled LFP batteries.

Over 100,000 Yutong e-buses in operation worldwide

Ian Downie, Pelican Head of Yutong Bus UK commented, “we are absolutely delighted to receive the tender award from Leicester City. Their exacting criteria for a proven zero emission bus, with detailed compliance to their vehicle and aftermarket specification, was met by our product and the team from Pelican Bus and Coach. There are over 103,000 Yutong zero emission electric vehicles in operation around the world, and we are looking forward to adding the Leicester vehicles to that number”

Leicester deputy city mayor for environment and transportation, Adam Clarke, said: “Electric vehicles will play a big part in our work to improve the city’s air quality, and I look forward to these buses coming into service next year.”


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