Lublin: following the award in a public tender, Solaris Bus & Coach and the municipal transport authority Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego have signed a contract for the supply of seven articulated electric buses Urbino 18, including the charging infrastructure. The completion of the delivery is scheduled for May 2023, Solaris says.

Recently the carrier has also commissioned 32 Solaris Urbino 12 electric buses (split in a first batch of 20 units in December 2019 and a second order for 12 in May 2020) and 15 articulated Solaris Trollino 18 trolleybuses. Following these purchases, half of Lublin bus fleet is expected to be zero emission as of 2021.

Lublin to get another batch of Solaris electric buses

On 2 June 2021, representatives of Solaris and of the Lublin-based operator ZTM signed a contract for the supply of 7 articulated Urbino 18 electric buses. Additionally, the operator has invested in charging infrastructure, having commissioned one single and three dual plug-in charging stations for the depot.

The commissioned vehicles will feature Solaris High Power batteries which are adapted to frequent and fast charging and boast a nominal capacity of over 150 kWh. The energy stored in these will propel a 240 kW central electric motor. A recharging process of barely a few minutes is possible thanks to the roof-stacked pantograph. Moreover, the buses can be recharged at night at the depot station, using a conventional plug-in connection.

The bus interior offers room for 120 passengers with 40 seats on board at their disposal. The buses will have full-vehicle air-conditioning, separate for drivers and for the passengers. What is more, travellers will have the option to recharge mobile devices using one of the USB ports located in the passenger compartment. Also on deck will be a comprehensive passenger information system with internal display units, as well as a surveillance system covering the bus interior and exterior and increasing the travel safety.

Solaris remote diagnostic system included

The Lublin operator has also opted to order the cutting-edge remote diagnostics system eSConnect which enables the efficient management of an electric bus fleet and its optimal use. The chief advantage of the system is that it allows to track data on bus fleet location at any given time and place, including data on the updated battery status and the remote identification of potential errors.

“I am extremely happy to see ZTM in Lublin decide in favour of electric buses of our product range once again. The contract signed today is yet another step towards positive changes in public transport and reaching sustainable development. Lublin’s investments in zero-emission vehicles, including electric buses as well as trolleybuses, prove that the city has been betting on the development of modern city transport that is both resident- and environmentally friendly for many years now,” remarked Petros Spinaris, Deputy CEO of Solaris.


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