QBuzz and OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe local public transportation companies have decided to purchase 35 Mercedes eCitaro G articulated buses with fully electric drive.

The 18.13-meter, low-floor electric buses will be used both in urban traffic on the Qlink routes and in regional traffic in the Dutch provinces of Groningen and Drenthe.

They’ll join 59 Ebusco and 54 Van Hool e-buses ordered within the same framework.

Mercedes eCitaro in the Netherlands

Daimler Buses will deliver a total of 25 eCitaro articulated buses for regional transport and ten eCitaro articulated buses for the Dutch Qlink urban transit routes to the two operators by 2026. The three-door, articulated vehicles feature the latest-generation NMC 3 batteries with lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide cells and an energy capacity of 490 kWh. The vehicle socket is located in the rear area of the eCitaro buses intended for use in regional transport. In addition to the plug-in charging option, the articulated buses that are intended for operation on the Qlink regular service routes are also equipped with the option of rapid charging by a current collector (pantograph) on the bus roof.

The manufacturer highlights that the new articulated buses for QBuzz and OV-bureau Groningen Drenthe are equipped with assistance systems such as the optional Sideguard Assist with pedestrian detection. “The standard articulation angle control (ATC) ensures a high level of stability, impressive maneuverability and convenient maneuvering without kinking the rear section, even when reverse gear has been engaged”, Daimler Buses say. Instead of the conventional outside mirrors on the left and right, the fully electric eCitaro G articulated vehicles are equipped with mirror cameras (Mirror Cams). These bundled measures significantly improve safety for the entire environment around the new articulated buses.

The air conditioning system, which operates with a CO2 heat pump in the eCitaro articulated buses, minimizes energy consumption.

CEO Joost van der Bijl of Daimler Buses in Nijkerk states: “Our electric buses meet the highest quality standards. Both of our customers will experience how true this commitment really is. This fills us with pride, and I’m convinced that more bus operators with route licenses will soon be contacting us.”


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