The Regensburg transport company Stadtwerk Regensburg.Mobilität GmbH wants to convert a good part of the bus fleet to fully electric city buses within a short period of time. Six Mercedes eCitaro are now making the start, Daimler says in a press note.

The long-term conversion of the 120 city buses from Stadtwerk Mobilität to emission-free drive systems is expected to bring a big leap forward for a better quality of life in the city. Regensburg relies on both high-tech and comfort. The six eCitaro are two-door solo buses with solid-state batteries. The batteries of the city buses are charged in the depot. For this purpose, they are equipped with sockets on both sides of the vehicle.

In any case, the equipment of the six Regensburg eCitaro includes the Sideguard Assist turning assistant, the active Preventive Brake Assist and the TPM tire pressure monitoring system.

The passengers take a seat on the fabric-upholstered seats, the side walls are lined with needle felt inside. In addition, the design of the passenger compartment, from the orange handrails to the blue seat cushions to the coordinated floor covering, is as tasteful as it is functional, the manufacturer states. Among other things, drivers benefit from an air-conditioned seat and a cool box. The pivoting sliding door at entrance two is the basis for a quick change of passengers at stops.


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