Nobina bets again on BYD with two separate deliveries this week totaling 34 electric buses for operations with public transport authorities in Linköping and Halland, in Sweden.

Nobina’s total intake of electric bus units from BYD now exceeds 160 units, either in operation or on order, BYD points out. The figure includes an order for 13 12-metre models earlier in April 2020 for the town of Piteå in the north-east of Sweden. BYD now has nearly 300 electric buses either delivered or on order with PTA fleets right across Scandinavia, the manufacturer says.

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Linköping opts for articulated e-buses

The latest delivery comprises 18 low-floor 18.6-metre articulated eBuses for the city of Linköping and a total of 16 12-metre eBuses assigned for various services throughout the province of Halland on Sweden’s south-western coast. The 18.6-metre articulated model offers enhanced passenger capacity – approximately 105 (37 seated) – and, thanks to its centre-pivot design, boasts a 24-metre turning circle. For its Halland operation, Nobina has selected BYD’s best-selling 12-metre low-floor model with 26-seats and total carrying capacity of 68.

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BYD gains ground in the Nordics

“Nobina is strengthening the position as the leading operator of electric and sustainable public transport services in the Nordics,” said Jens Råsten, Fleet Manager, Nobina Group. “Where the technical e-mobility concept by BYD has proven to fit perfectly well into the high demands among customers and PTAs in the Nordics regarding flexibility, total transport economy, quality and reliability”,

“Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to supporting Public Transport Operators with our products and services,” said Isbrand Ho, Managing Director, BYD Europe, “our customers are clearly planning ahead and they need to rely on BYD to continue the partnership – even when times are tough. Nobina is an excellent example of a forward-thinking bus operator – an operator that understands that a sustainable, pure-electric bus fleet can deliver high levels of productivity while appealing to more and more passengers who demand clean, sustainable public transport.”

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