Brakar in Norway has awarded a contract for bus services in Hemsedal and Hallingdal to Vy Buss AS. Today, the area is divided into three contracts, but Brakar said it has chosen to merge the entire area in order to get more competition. 34 buses are part of the contract: 10 of them will be converted to electricity, while 24 runs on biodiesel. The electric buses will be charged to the depot, and will be the first electric buses in Norway belonging to Class II normal floor category, Brakar points out. They will also be equipped with USB sockets for charging mobile phones.

vy buss brakar

Vy Buss in charge of e-bus contracts in Scandinavia

The same operator Vy Buss will have 22 Volvo e-buses in operation in Drammen (Norway). and has just secured an order for 49 articulated e-buses, still from Volvo, for the Swedish city of Jönköping.

The contract enters into force on 1 July 2021 and has a duration until 30 June 2028 with the possibility of a three years extension. The area is located some 200 km north west of the capital city Oslo.

The assignment amounts to approximately 900,000 kilometers with an annual estimated value of the assignment of NOK 48 million (some 4.5 million euros). The new contract area includes the municipalities Hol, Ål, Hemsedal, Gol, Nesbyen and Flå. There were three providers who submitted offers.

The contract is set to be a green one: 10 buses will be turned to electric models. And, as mentioned above, Vy Buss will be in charge of the debut of intercity battery-electric buses in Norway.


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