The Canadian city of Ottawa is going to deploy 350 zero emission buses thanks to federal funding, as it was announced lately by Mona Fortier, President of the Treasury Board and a Member of Parliament, along with Mark Sutcliffe, Mayor of Ottawa. $350 million in federal funding are to be used for the purchase of 350 zero-emission buses and charging infrastructure for Ottawa’s public transit fleet.

In June 2021 the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) committed up to $400 million in the City of Ottawa’s 450 zero-emission bus expansion.

Ottawa, full electric bus fleet by 2036

The new electric buses will replace diesel buses and will be a step towards the city’s goals of reducing GHG emissions by 100% by 2040 and that of having a fully zero-emission bus fleet by 2036. Ottawa says it will install the required charging infrastructure, build a new vehicle storage facility and upgrade two existing ones, and purchase other related infrastructure to maintain and operate the battery electric buses.

“Continued prosperity in the 21st century will depend on our ability to innovate and respond to the climate crisis. Canadian cities are rethinking their infrastructure needs to support a growing population with increasing transit needs. The Government of Canada’s significant investment in the electrification of Ottawa’s bus fleet will help the city reduce street noise, pollution, and energy costs, while simultaneously bolstering the local economy.”, says Mona Fortier, President of the Treasury Board and Member of Parliament for Ottawa—Vanier, on behalf of the Honourable Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities

“Any investment in public transit in Ottawa is an investment in the environment. With the new funding for our zero-emissions bus program the Government of Canada is contributing to these shared and critical priorities. These new buses will help OC Transpo continue its work towards reducing greenhouse gases and convert our fleet to zero-emission electric fuel.”, stated Mark Sutcliffe, Mayor of the City of Ottawa.


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