The CEO of the RATP, Jean Castex, announced on May 10, 2023, that the 148 electric Bluebus buses of the 5SE series operated by the RATP will only be put back into service when all safety guarantees are met. In April 2022, two Bluebus buses caught fire in Paris, leading to the removal from service of all 148 buses of the same series. They have not been operational since.

The news is reported on French media and Mobilités Magazine.

Bluebus e-buses in Paris

Castex stated during a press conference that a series of expertise had been carried out since the incidents. “There has been a whole series of expert assessments carried out. We are converging on the origins of the disaster, although there are some disputes,” added Jean Castex.

Additionally, Castex demanded compensation for the damage suffered by RATP from the Bolloré group, the manufacturer of the Bluebus. “We are in discussion with the company to find a protocol. We are making progress, but we are not quite there yet. Otherwise, there is a judge to settle disputes, and he will be asked to give a ruling,” he explained.


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