The Schaffhausen electric bus project, Switzerland, is ready to begin: the Federal Office of Transport has approved the two vehicles (ordered in March 2019), which means they will soon be allowed on the road. Anyhow, the testing sessions are not over yet. 15 Irizar e-buses (seven Irizar ie bus 12 meter long and eight Irizar ie tram in articulated version) will be delivered in the city.

If vehicles for public transport are procured and prepared for daily operation, they must first be tested and approved by the Federal Office of Transport (FOT), the operator VBSH explains. The two new electric buses from Schaffhausen had to be thoroughly tested by the FOT. Since the test was positive and no objections were raised, VBSH was granted permission to use the buses for road transport and passenger services.

What is interesting, in Schaffhausen project, is that the electricity to feed the buses will be generated by the Rhein river.

Schaffhausen electric bus

First fast charging station in the bus depot

Following the installation of the first temporary charging station on Bahnhofstrasse at the beginning of August, the preparatory work for the charging infrastructure in the bus depot is now well advanced, the operator points out. In addition to an overnight charging station, a rapid charging station will also be installed. The transformer stations have been completed and will be put into operation shortly, so that the charging process can be tested with the electric buses this week.

First test, then drive with the public

However, before the people of Schaffhausen can travel with the two electric buses in regular traffic, further tests will be carried out in the next few weeks. Among other things, the charging process at the station, the rapid charging process and the overnight charging at the bus depot must first be successfully tested. These tests will take place in the coming weeks, VBSH highlights.

Irizar, the electric bus in house

The ie tram electric bus incorporate Irizar Group technology in terms of electric traction, electronics, energy storage system and communications. Irizar, indeed, is the first manufacturer of buses to boast a plant focused on emobility and, furthermore, to build the whole electric bus, components included, in house, thanks to the different companies of the group. Irizar e-mobility plant is located in Aduna, close to San Sebastian, not far from Irizar headquarters.

Schaffhausen electric bus


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