Thirty-two Solaris electric buses for the Polish cities of Liwice, Katowice, Sosnowiec and Świerklanie. Together with the vehicles, the manufacturer will provide the necessary charging infrastructure: the commissioned 12- and 18-metre Solaris e-buses will arrive in 2023.

Solaris Urbino electric buses are characterised by their quiet operation and absence of local emissions. Following global trends, GZM Metropolis (an association of municipalities in the Silesia region) opted for Solaris e-buses together with the charging infrastructure, namely 11 pantograph chargers and 16 plug-in chargers. In line with the signed contract, the GZM Metropolis will accommodate 27 Urbino 12 electric and 5 Urbino 18 electric articulated buses in 2023. In addition to supplying the charging devices, the manufacturer has also committed to a complete turnkey e-mobility solutions package including design work, obtaining a land development permit, overseeing the project on behalf of the investor and creating the necessary charging infrastructure.

«We look forward to working with GZM and the carriers providing services in the region. For us, the contract is a sign of trust and the best proof of the high quality of our products. GZM Metropolis is a unique region that contributes substantially with its decisions to the development of ecological mobility. We are proud to put the idea of sustainable development into practice together», emphasises Petros Spinaris, member of the Solaris Bus & Coach board for sales, marketing and customer service.

The vehicles to be delivered to GZM Metropolis will be powered by Solaris High Energy batteries with a total capacity of 250 kWh in the Urbino 12 electric buses and 400 kWh in the case of the Urbino 18 electric units. They will be recharged either by pantograph or plug-in technology. The traction in both types of vehicles will consist of traction motors integrated with a drive axle.

Thanks to air conditioning, which will maintain a constant pre-programmed temperature in the passenger compartment, passengers will enjoy a comfortable journey regardless of the weather conditions outside. The interior of the Urbino 12 will accommodate at least 80 people and the Urbino 18 electric buses will have space for at least 115 passengers. There is also a spacious area for the simultaneous transport of a wheelchair and a pram/pushchair or bicycle. Finally, the buses will also be equipped with illuminated usb ports for charging mobile devices.

An even safer journey will be ensured by a data recording system for bus and driver performance, as well as a driver alcohol detection system. The ordered buses will also be equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system. They will also have a passenger counting system and an enclosed driver’s cab to separate the driver from the passengers, a very useful solution in the middle of a pandemic. As standard, there will be an on-board CCTV system to monitor the passenger compartment and the road around the bus.


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