The Sicilian carrier AMTS Catania has ordered 42 Solaris electric buses. 32 Urbino 12 electric units, and 10 Urbino 18 electric ones, will be deployed transporting passengers in the port of Catania as early as 2024, Solaris states.

This is yet another order from the carrier for electric buses manufactured by Solaris placed through the Italian central purchasing body Consip. So far, 7 Urbino 12 electric buses have been transporting passengers around the city. They were put into operation at the beginning of this year, whereas another 11 units will be delivered by the end of this year. The new delivery will take place in 2024-2025.

AMTS Catania to deploy Solaris e-buses

The electric buses due to roll out onto the Sicilian streets will be equipped with an electric central traction motor powered by Solaris High Energy batteries. The Urbino 12 buses will feature batteries with a total capacity of 350 kWh, while the Urbino 18 units will be fitted with 400 kWh batteries. The vehicles will be charged both by means of pantograph chargers as well as in the bus depot using a standard plug-in connector.

“We are extremely proud of the trust placed in our company by the carrier AMTS Catania, which has ordered another batch of zero-emission buses from our company. We are happy to be able to support the green transition of transport in Catania and to deliver more innovative solutions for the inhabitants of this lovely Sicilian port“, said Olivier Michard, Member of the Management Board for Sales and Marketing.


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