Tribus will launch at Busworld 2019 the Movitas. Four wheel steering, modular battery packs (and modular body), solar panels on the roof are just a few of the electric bus’ features. The bus will be available in four lenghts between 8.2 and 10.45 meter. The destination will be the inner city center of historical cities. At IAA 2018 the Dutch manufacturer showcased the e-Civitas Electron.

tribus movitas

Tribus Movitas: four lenghts and two widhts

Tribus is a Dutch minibus manufacturer founded in 1998 and now based in Utrecht. Since 2015 the company is official Mercedes van partner. The first electric minibus by Tribus was launched in 2017. The novelty is called Movitas, a full electric city bus built with a complete flat floor and developed in cooperation with Haverkamp Engineering and Steketee Design.

The vehicle will be available in four length sizes: 8.20, 8.95, 9.70 and finally 10.45 meter. The customer will also have the possibility to choose between two width sizes: 2,3m and 2,5m. A wheelchair user can board easily. The Movitas has four wheel steering, a crucial feature considering the long wheelbase and the very short rear overhang. It can be equipped with opportunity charging (pantograph) or depot charging (CCS plug).

Solar panels on the roof of the Tribus Movitas

A special heat pump, Tribus points out, uses the energy of the driveline for the underfloor heating and the panoramic windows are equipped with well insulated double glazing and UV filter. Solar panels on the roof will generate energy for the 24 volt batteries. Seat heating and usb connections complete the Movitas’ optionals. The vehicle has been nominated for the Dutch Automotive Innovation Award.

Tribus, at IAA 2018 with the e-Civitas Electron

The Tribus e-Civitas Electron unveiled last year in Hannover is based on a Fiat Ducato chassis with driveline developed by the French company Gruau Electric. The minibus is equipped with a 90 kW electro-motor powered by a 38 kWh battery (charged in less than two hours) and has a range of 100 km according to the company. The minibus can carry up to 12 passenger and 1 wheelchair. Tribus also realizes a e-Ducato minibus that can cover a range of 220 km thanks to 78 kWh battery.


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