Volvo Buses extends the reach of its electromobility solutions to the Latin American market by testing the Volvo 7900 Electric in Mexico City. The bus is being tested on route 4 of the Mexico City Metrobús system. The fully electric unit is 12 metres long, features Volvo Buses’ characteristic technology and mitigates emissions and noise, contributing to the development of a more sustainable city.

The manufacturer launched the same model in Gothenburg, Sweden, where a fleet of as many as 145 e-buses were rolled out in late 2020.

Volvo electric bus on a test in Mexico

Volvo Buses has been present in Mexico for more than 20 years. The aim, the group says, is to deliver its electromobility technology in line with the Zero City concept, with the ambition of zero emissions, zero congestion, zero accidents and zero noise.

The Volvo 7900 Electric bus being tested in Mexico City is powered by a 330 kW battery, and it is configured for night charging. The unit has a low floor, providing easy access for passengers and a more efficient operation. It also has universal access for people with disabilities, with space for a wheelchair and guide dog. The electric bus will be under trial for six months.

Volvo Buses, the electric bus as a system

“Electromobility is not just for the future – it is already here today. Demands and ambitions to reduce or minimise emissions and noise are driving this development swiftly forward. We are now happy that Mexico City is joining many other cities across the world to test and then hopefully later move to electrified public transport,” says Anna Westerberg, President of Volvo Buses.

“We have established a proven work methodology, involving a holistic system perspective and partnership cooperation when implementing urban public electromobility transport solutions. Our methodology doesn’t just cover the vehicle itself – we address the entire system including charging infrastructure, batteries, optimisation, various services and connectivity, maintenance and training,” says again Anna Westerberg.

“The electric solution will also create opportunities for urban development, as it is possible to bring quiet electric buses with no emissions closer to citizens, and even indoors,” says Rafael Kisel, Managing Director at Volvo Buses in Mexico.


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