250 Yutong e-buses are coming to Greece and will be operational in Athens and Thessaloniki. A first batch of 46 vehicles has just been delivered. All the 250 units are expected to be on the road by end of June, according to local media Greek city times. The order was placed in June 2023.

Yutong buses coming to Greece

Greece’s Transport Minister, Christos Staikouras, announced that a new tender for an additional 400 buses had been initiated, with plans for a second phase to procure another 650 buses. In total, 1,300 new buses, predominantly electric, are set to be procured for Athens and Thessaloniki.

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Staikouras is quoted as saying: “The electric buses are circulating, as the OSY administration and the political leadership of the ministry had promised, on the streets of Athens. All 140 electric buses have been integrated into the capital’s transport project. Of these, 46 buses are today – for the first time – serving the citizens. And in the coming weeks, the number is expected to double. These are modern buses, with a lower footprint in terms of energy impact and environmental consequences. Also, [they are] vehicles that serve citizens with mobility problems. Urban transport is being modernized. They are entering another era. However, all of us must do even more to improve the daily life of citizens, always respecting the passenger.”


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