On July 21 Yutong held a release conference for its new battery electric coach Yutong T13E and battery safety technology YESS in Santiago, the capital of Chile.

A country that is leading e-bus deployment in Latin America: of the 2,162 battery-powered electric buses counted in the region, two cities dominated, comprising nearly 85% of the total battery electric buses: Santiago, Chile has 776 and Bogotá, Colombia counts 1,061 battery electric buses, as mentioned in a recent article by TUMI E-Bus Mission published on Sustainable Bus.

In addition to the leading new energy technologies and products, Yutong has launched new energy operation team to serve the local market.

Yutong T13E, the electric coach for Chilean market

The Yutong T13E, a high-end battery electric coach developed for the Chilean market, is fitted with dual motor driving system, with a maximum gradeability of 20%. The intelligent AEBS configuration can reduce the risk of collision accidents through collision warning, auxiliary braking and emergency braking that are activated in sequence according to the degree of danger, manufacturer says. It features special luxury seats and optimization of the whole-vehicle NVH . Also presented at the conference were other models of Yutong BEV coach, ZK6907BEV, E12 and E8.

yutong santiago chile

The YESS technology released by Yutong this time is its proprietary safety technology for traction battery. It brings “three major improvements in safety level, all-climate capability and road adaptability in an all-round way from the whole vehicle to the battery and from the system to the components. As part of the technology, the nitrogen protection eliminates the firing condition in the battery pack by putting the battery in an oxygen-free environment in real time, representing the highest EV safety technology in the global bus industry at present. And now, it has been successfully applied in the whole lineup of Yutong BEVs”, Yutong points out.

Yutong, in Chile since 17 years

Yutong has been expanding the market in Chile for 17 years since it started local operation in 2005, and has won consistent recognition of its products and services. From Arica on the northern border of Chile to the northern mining area, to the capital city of Santiago, and then to Punta Arenas across the strait from Antarctica, Yutong Bus serves Chilean people with mobility solutions.

yutong santiago chile

At this release conference, Yutong also joined hands with the government, customers and other partners to establish Team Zero, an alliance aiming at uniting multiple public transit participants to exchange experience of green operation, engage in high-level meetings on public transport, and launch activities for public good, and further improve Chilean urban public transit system.

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