After the green light from the Council, the Municipality of Bologna has sent the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility the “papers” to access the funding already allocated by decree 530 of 23/12/2021: 90,165,087 euros of PNRR funds that will allow the purchase of 127 hydrogen-powered buses, with charging stations.

The first 34 vehicles will arrive by December 2024 and the others by June 2026. The buses will also be dedicated to suburban lines connecting the city to neighbouring municipalities.

The fleet of zero-impact vehicles would thus arrive at 297 units for a total investment of 225.51 million euros and is composed of 89 Pimbo vehicles (70 full electric trolley buses and 19 battery electric vehicles); 168 zero-emission buses and recharging infrastructure; 40 zero-emission vehicles and recharging infrastructure with other funds involving the Bologna basin.

In addition, the Municipality of Bologna has recently submitted a request for a further EUR 91.3 million for the supply of 58 hydrogen and electric vehicles and related infrastructure. With these additional vehicles, the zero-impact public transport fleet in Bologna would reach 355 units in order to achieve decarbonisation by 2030, an objective that will be pursued thanks also to the expansion of the metropolitan railway service and the construction of the tram that will replace some existing bus lines: 26 vehicles will travel on the Red line and 14 on the Green line. A further 2 tram vehicles will be added thanks to 8 million in Pon Metro funds, for a total of 42 vehicles.


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