655 fuel cell buses are to be deployed in China during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Such a giant fleet is going to be put in operation in Zhangjiakou city, as the state-backed Xinhua News Agency reported on Monday.

«Zhangjiakou, which will host events such as Alpine skiing and snowboarding, currently has two hydrogen plants with a combined production capacity of 6 tonnes per day, as well as eight hydrogen refuelling stations. In 2019 the city targeted establishing annual hydrogen production capacity of 100,000 tonnes, or 27.4 tonnes per day, before the Winter Olympics Games kick off next February», Reuters says.

credit picture: https://fuelcellsworks.com/

Fuel cell buses for 2022 Winter Olympic Games

Already in September 2018 a batch of 25 fuel cell buses was awarded to Yutong and Foton for a total of 74 hydrogen buses.

These vehicles will be used in transportation and logistics during the Olympics. Xinhua points out that «Currently, there are 444 hydrogen fuel cell buses in operation in Zhangjiakou, covering nine bus routes in the city. They have run more than 21 million km and carried more than 62 million passengers».


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