BAE Systems has been selected by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) to supply up to 340 electric drive systems for its new fleet of low emission transit buses. BAE Systems will provide 220 electric drive systems to New Flyer of America Inc., with an option for 120 additional systems, over the next three years.

A major feature of Series-ER is the Modular Accessory Power System (MAPS), a next-generation component that uses advanced materials for increased electrical efficiency, BAE Systems points out. This order of electric-hybrid applications will benefit from BAE Systems’ newest technology, which is also designed to be integrated on battery-electric and fuel cell powered buses.

BAE Systems Series-ER drives for New Flyer buses

The Series-ER system includes an electric motor, onboard energy storage, and smart controls to create a clean, integrated electric propulsion and accessory power system for the buses. The system also provides zero-emission operation via BAE Systems’ experience with engine stop and start, and geofenced green zone technology. The onboard charger and advanced energy recovery enables Series-ER to deliver zero emissions without the need for grid-connected charging.

“We are supporting SEPTA’s environmental goals with green technology that improves air quality for the greater Philadelphia community,” said Steve Trichka, vice president and general manager of Power & Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems. “Our electric drive system provides transit operators with a highly reliable, flexible option to bring them one step closer to a zero-emission future.”


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