ADL provided an electric double decker for an immersive transmission of a live music performance during a bus journey across London as part of the 5G Festival.

Delivered as part of the 5G Festival showcase, selected passengers travelling across London enjoyed a live transmission from musicians in Brighton, who performed in-sync with other musicians from the O2 Blueroom at The O2 in Greenwich and at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick over 5G onto the bus.

ADL electric bus for music broadcasting

ADL provided the fully electric BYD ADL Enviro400EV double decker bus and collaborated with teams from UTAC Millbrook, Virgin Media O2 and Sonosphere, who temporarily installed a system of 5G modems, LCD screens and a binaural spatial audio mix for headphones, generously supplied by Shure that the passengers got to keep, on the zero emission vehicle to facilitate an immersive performance for the on-board audience.

adl bus 5g festival

Jamie Wilson, Head of Concepts and Advanced Engineering at ADL, said: “This unique event has been a fantastic demonstration of the opportunities provided by 5G bandwidth, and it has been a pleasure to bring this together with our partners. In addition to opening up new possibilities for passenger information as well as commercial opportunities, 5G is a game changer for connected vehicles such as the autonomous buses we will be demonstrating in Scotland later this year.”

5G Festival is the world’s first 5G powered hybrid immersive festival including live and remotely collaborating artists and audiences. Leading organisations from across the UK’s arts, entertainment and technology industries collaborate to use 5G and its ability to transmit with low latency (delay) and in ultra-high bandwidth to perform in an immersive live, collaborative environment from different locations: Metropolis Studios, the O2 Blueroom at The O2 and Brighton Dome. The collaboration of nine organisations is led by the UK authority on advanced digital technology Digital Catapult, and brings together Audiotonix, Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival, LiveFrom, Mativision, Metropolis Studios, Sonosphere, Virgin Media O2, and Warner Music Group.

adl bus 5g festival


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