C-TRAN, the public transit provider in Clark County and the Vancouver-Portland region, has added ten new all-electric buses to its fleet on the way towards a completely zero-emission fleet by 2040.

CarMedialab and INIT will provide the charge management system MOBILEcharge, which enables smart charging of the electric buses. “This system optimizes the charging process to extend battery life and reduce operating costs, among other benefits. In addition, C-TRAN will deploy the vehicle monitoring system MOBILEvhm. This system will help C-TRAN to keep track of the performance of its entire bus fleet, whether it is its diesel or electric buses, at any time. Furthermore, C-TRAN will also use the MOBILEefficiency driver assistance. This system supports drivers in learning and maintaining an energy-efficient driving style”, CarMedialab explains.

“Sustainability is at the core of who we are as a public transportation provider, and battery-electric buses are crucial to our zero-emission future,” said Eric Florip, C-TRAN’s manager of communications and marketing. “We’re excited to partner with INIT and CarMedialab to improve the performance of these vehicles, and the experience for our riders.”

This partnership between C-TRAN, CarMedialab and INIT is a clear sign of these organizations’ commitment to a sustainable and efficient future for public transportation. With the introduction of these new technologies, C-TRAN will be able to provide even better service to its passengers while minimizing its environmental impact.

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