Three more transport companies in Italy have opted for the integrated standard system IVU.suite from IVU Traffic Technologies: these are Atb Servizi Spa, Apt Gorizia and Amat Taranto.

Who and why chose Ivu technology

Azienda Trasporti Bergamo Servizi Spa manages bus, tram and cableway services in the Lombard city close to the Alps. Starting from April 2022, ATB will use the complete IVU.suite system for the creation of timetables and shifts and for planning and sending of personnel. ATB planners will benefit from consistent planning information throughout the journey; the system immediately takes into account any changes to the operation of individual vehicles and suggests changes to duty shifts where required, while special optimization algorithms, developed in collaboration with the partner IVU LBW Optimization, combine thousands of service elements to create the perfect service in a few minutes.

The Gorizia Provincial Transport Company, on the other hand, will also use IVU.suite to connect the cities of Trieste, Gorizia and Udine with its bus lines. APT will receive a continuous digital workflow, from planning to shipping. In addition, built-in optimization helps designers calculate vehicle operation with resource savings and fair service hours.

The transport company AMAT in Taranto is relying on IVU’s expertise as an external consultant in a duty optimisation project. The aim of this collaboration is to improve the flexibility and satisfaction of the employees at Amat, through fairer allocations and more balanced working time accounts, for example. 

«Winning no less than three public tenders within just a few months makes us very proud. In addition to our 35 long-standing customers, including Autolinee Toscane, Trenitalia, and ATM Milan, the trust of ATB Bergamo, APT Gorizia and AMAT Taranto is further proof that the IVU.suite has become the leading system in Italy over the last 20 years», said Federico Marinucci, Ceo of IVU Traffic Technologies Italy.


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