Bergen-based technology company Saga Tenix has been awarded a 1 million euros grant from the Research Council of Norway «to continue its work with world leading data-driven optimization service for battery-electric means of transport», the company says.

Saga Tenix is a provider of electric bus telematics services (it has for instance delivered the IT solutions to Keolis EV fleet in Bergen), and in May 2021 has raised €1.5 million from Norway’s largest VC fund, Idekapital

Tenix software services for planning, optimizing and monitoring battery-powered vehicle fleets is integral part of the project. Customers will be able to detect deviating consumption and notify the dispatch manager of the deviation in real-time.

«Research and development are crucial for us a forward looking technology company and as one of the participants to steer the public transport to the green direction. It is exciting to see how the public transport community is now adopting electrical buses as part of the green shift and we believe data and software are essential and have great potential for all stakeholders involved», says CEO in Saga Tenix, Robert Eriksen Jacobsen.

saga tenix

Jacobsen continues: «A big part of our focus is the electrification of the public transport sector, and we feel that we are part of a game changing time for public transport. Battery capacity and remaining range is fast becoming an essential part of the bus operators daily operations».

Saga Tenix offers a product portfolio that is tailor made for public transport, and has divided the software solutions into 5 products that each cover a part of the operation needs: bus, charge, maintenance, traffic, platform. An essential part of the business is the Tenix Open Data Platform. The platform collects raw data from numerous sources and enables them to make business value.


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