Fleet management, ticketing, and passenger information all in one, thanks to a single source: the Stadtwerke Solingen (SWS) has chosen to rely on the comprehensive, integrated IVU.suite solution, including the IVU Traffic Technologies IVU.ticket.box on-board computer, for standardized management of all bus operations in the German city. SWS transports more than 24 million passengers each year with its 116 vehicles.

The SWS control center always has an overview about the location of buses and can communicate with drivers in real time. Drivers use the IVU.ticket.box to control all on-board electronics. In addition, the on-board computer shows all relevant information on the customer display, prints tickets and processes even the most challenging ticket data with ease.

«With the IVU.suite, we now have a much more modern, completely integrated system that makes it easier for us to manage our entire fleet. This directly benefits our passengers, whom we can now provide with consistent real-time information directly from the control centre», said Adrian Kobayashi, Project Manager at Stadtwerke Solingen.

«Stadtwerke Solingen is an important new customer for us, bringing with it a very special fleet with its large number of trolleybuses. The fact that SWS also relies on hosting our systems in the IVU.cloud strengthens us in our path towards software and operational management from a single source», said Bastian Dittbrenner, Head of the Public Transport Division at IVU Traffic Technologies.


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