Stratio is helping Go-Ahead Ireland in order to reach a zero-downtime future by minimizing service disruptions and preventing breakdowns.

After a successful proof of concept (PoC) trial in 2021, Go-Ahead Ireland decided to extend Stratio’s service to its entire fleet, Stratio announces in a press note. The strong results of the trial indicate that Stratio’s technology will aim to reduce GAI’s vehicle breakdowns by over 57% in the next three years.

Go-Ahead Ireland goes with Stratio

Stratio will enable Go-Ahead Ireland to turn its vehicle data into intelligence to inform and optimize maintenance operations. Its AI platform remotely collects and analyses crucial indicators of vehicle condition, turning them into real-time actionable insights that allow GAI to predict breakdowns.

With Stratio, Go-Ahead Ireland is set to be able to reduce the frequency of preventive checks and plan the wear rate of components dynamically, rather than relying on more approximative mileage-based estimates, ultimately saving time and resources. 

Stratio predictive maintenance platform for Go-Ahead Ireland

The Stratio platform integrates predictive maintenance and advanced remote diagnostics with Go-Ahead Ireland’s current fleet management system by automating faults raised, further streamlining operations, and taking the company closer to a fully predictive maintenance regime. The automated, intuitive reporting function allows GAI to monitor key metrics and easily show vehicle faults before the driver receives any dashboard warning.

“Stratio’s technology gives our engineers the upper hand. The large-scale data processing offers actionable, real-time intelligence that prevents vehicle failure and passengers being impacted”, said Chris Stringer, Engineering Director at GAI. “We are excited to implement Stratio across our entire fleet. The platform’s capabilities fit into our zero-breakdown strategy to further improve our customer experience, and supporting our desire to move from preventive to predictive maintenance on the National Transport Authorities assets”, Stringer added. 

“By implementing a predictive maintenance model, GAI is embracing the future of transportation”, said Ricardo Margalho, CEO and co-founder of Stratio. “Their commitment to delivering the safest, most reliable service to passengers is reflected by their pragmatic approach to innovation. They are determined to stay ahead of the curve, and we are delighted to be supporting them in achieving their operational goals”.


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