Bus Miccolis, an operator providing services in various regions of southern Italy, announced that it has launched a state-of-the-art ticketing system for the city of Potenza. The solution is provided by Municipia and developed by Masabi, which launched the Fare-Payments-as-a-Service concept.

The implementation is the first of its kind for Masabi in Italy and the first with Municipia, an Engineering Group company.

How the ticketing system works

The new Mobility Ticket app increases the accessibility of the Miccolis Bus mobility service by allowing users to purchase tickets anytime, anywhere and have them at their fingertips at the click of a button.

Bus Miccolis users can pre-purchase tickets for future use and activate them when they need to travel, or purchase a ticket on the same day of travel. Just before boarding the bus or at the escalator entrance, passengers simply activate their tickets or passes and show them already activated.

Miccolis and Masabi’s comments

«For over 40 years the name Miccolis has meant transportation. State lines, urban and suburban public transportation services, school transportation, as well as other special services including services for the disabled and bus rental with driver. With more than 10,000,000 km per year and a fleet of more than 500 buses, we offer essential transportation service throughout Italy. We are pleased to adopt technology via mobile and to collaborate with Municipia and Masabi, not only to improve the service we offer our users, but also to create a more efficient way of connecting this beautiful country», said Dr. Aurelia Miccolis, General Manager of the company Miccolis SpA.

«Modern public transportation systems of all types and sizes must have ease of use and equity as their foundation, and we are pleased to see that cities and countries around the world are recognizing this and entrusting Masabi, along with our partners, to provide solutions that help make this a reality for both regular users and tourists. Building on Masabi’s growing presence in Europe, and with special thanks to our new partners Municipia, our fare payment technology will enable Bus Miccolis to quickly and cost-effectively provide their passengers with a way to purchase and use tickets anywhere, anytime, modernizing public transportation services throughout their network and throughout Southern Italy». commented Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi.

«Once again we put technology at the service of people with the aim of simplifying processes, improving interconnection with cities’ digital ecosystems and the passenger experience. – emphasizes Municipia President Stefano De Capitani – Municipia supports Municipalities of all sizes in their digital transformation journey, and mobility as well as the local public transport system represent a crucial piece. I would like to thank Miccolis and Masabi for this collaboration that goes precisely in this direction».


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