Karsan, following its November 2023 signing with Norway’s group Vy, one of the largest public transport authorities in Scandinavia to supply autonomous vehicles, has delivered the first Autonomous e-Atak (8-meter-long driverless electric, developed together with Adastec) to the city of Tampere, Finland.

This is the first full-size driverless bus in Finland to carry passengers in real-life road conditions after Karsan projects underway at Michigan State University and in Stavanger, Norway. The vehicle will be operated by Remoted, a Finnish company based right in Tampere.

E-Atak Karsan autonomous for Tampere

Able to move autonomously on a planned route, the Autonomous e-Atak with Level 4 autonomous technology can travel at a speed of 40 km/h in all weather conditions, day and night; it performs all operations like a driver, such as approaching route stops, handling the process of getting off and on, and driving and handling at intersections, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights.

Karsan Ceo Okan Baş said: «Through this new project, we have enabled the city of Tampere to be a step ahead in public transportation solutions.I n our capacity as a leading partner in solving public transportation problems in Scandinavian markets, we will maintain this position with our autonomous and electric vehicles».

Baş’s voice was joined by Ali Peker, CEO of Adastec: «As part of our strong partnership with Karsan and Applied Autonomy, we thank Remoted for allowing us to launch our project and for believing in our vision. We have gained experience from operations we have carried out for years in adverse weather conditions. Tampere once again provides an opportunity to prepare our automated bus for Finnish roads and demonstrate the superior performance of our experience and SAE Level-4 automation technology under these challenging circumstances. Our technology, which always prioritizes safety and efficiency, demonstrates the strength of our current partnerships while embodying our shared vision on future transportation solutions».


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