Busworld Europe 2023 welcomed 40,120 visitors from 111 countries, reaffirming its status as a global industry highlight. The event also hosted nearly 350 members of the press representing 44 countries.

This year’s Busworld Europe proved to be a monumental success, covering 75,000 square meters of exhibition space with 7.8 kilometers of aisles.

The exhibition featured 75 bus and coach manufacturers, a significant increase from the 66 presented in the 2019 edition. In total, 526 exhibitors from 38 countries showcased their innovations, with a remarkable 182 being newcomers. The top participating countries included Turkey with 96 companies, Germany with 79 companies, and China with 61 companies.

We want to thank all exhibitors, visitors and speakers for their loyal participation. We are eternally grateful for the confirmation of your trust and enthusiasm after 4 years. And most importantly: ‘We’ll be back in two years this time!’

Mieke Glorieux, Managing Director of Busworld Europe

Credit pictures: Busworld

Next edition: 4 – 9 October 2025

Busworld Europe 2025 will be hosted at Brussels Expo from October 4th to October 9th. Busworld organization explains that “Sales for existing exhibitors will commence in spring 2024, with invitations extended to ensure their participation. New exhibitors will have the opportunity to secure their spot from May 2024. Stay tuned for more updates on this exceptional event that promises to shape the future of the bus and coach industry. We can’t wait to see you in Brussels for Busworld Europe 2025!”

busworld 2023 figures

Back to 2023 edition, inside the exhibition halls, a total of 222 vehicles were on display, showcasing the latest advancements in bus and coach technology. Additionally, 29 vehicles were positioned outside for demonstrations, offering visitors a hands-on experience with the latest models and features.

The organizers state that “Busworld Europe 2023 marked a triumphant return to the global stage, setting new records in terms of size, attendance, and exhibitors. It reaffirms the exhibition’s reputation as the go-to event for the bus and coach industry, and it once again delivered a platform for innovation, collaboration, and growth”.

20th Busworld Vehicle Awards: the winners are…

The 20th edition of the prestigious Busworld Vehicle Awards has recognized outstanding achievements in the bus and coach industry, with a keen focus on safety, ecology, comfort, and design. The Busworld Awards ceremony, held on Friday 6 October, unveiled the winners and runners-up in each category.

  • Overall winner that wins the Grand Award Bus: Mercedes-Benz eCitaro
  • Label of Excellence DESIGN: VDL Bus & Coach Citea New Generation
  • Label of Excellence COMFORT: Mercedes-Benz eCitaro
  • Label of Excellence ECOLOGY: Ebusco 3.0
  • Label of Excellence SAFETY: Anadolu Isuzu Citivolt
  • Overall winner that wins the Grand Award Coach: Setra S 516 HDH
  • Label of Excellence DESIGN: Yutong T15 E
  • Label of Excellence COMFORT: Setra S 516 HDH and Van Hool T16 Astron (ex aequo)
  • Label of Excellence ECOLOGY: Yutong T15 E
  • Label of Excellence SAFETY: Setra S 516 HDH

The very first of Busworld Digital Awards

For the first time, Busworld was organizing and awarding Digital Awards on Wednesday, October 11th within the Digital Mobility Solutions Conference, that also was a first at Busworld. Today, the world of buses and coaches cannot exist without all the digital solutions that contribute to be as safe, efficient and operational as possible.

Marc Vanhoutte, chairman of the Busworld Awards explains: “It was an absolutely necessary add-on to the existing Vehicle Awards and we received a lot of positive feedback on it. The signal was clear that Busworld has its eyes on the digital bus and coach transformation”.

Co-Chairman Thorsten Wagner, editor-in-chief of the German magazine ‘Bus Blickpunkt’ adds: “Digital is the future of bus and coach! It is absolutely fascinating what happens on the market and we loved to define the winners together with all the different expert jury members.”

The Digital Awards are divided into four different categories:

  1. Digital On-Board Comfort’ comprises everything from new entertainment systems to Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions, that makes the voyage experience for passengers as well as drivers more enjoyable and comfortable.

The winner was MAN Truck & Bus and their new Digital Cockpit with SmartSelect. Motivation: “The new Digital Cockpit from MAN is a clear step into the HMI-future. With its innovative ‘SmartSelect’ operation and the full integration of the new electric platform and the latest ADAS systems it helps the driver to concentrate on his/her job without irrelevant distraction”

Other nominees were: Actia for ‘ACTiVi solution’ and Navaho Technologies for their ‘Navaho Transport Systems’.

  1. ‘Digital Operational Excellence’ is very important to manage one’s fleet in a way that combines efficiency and sustainability with telematics and other systems, that cannot be omitted today by any means.

The winner was Iveco Bus with ‘IVECO ON Heavy Buses Digital Services’. Motivation: “The IVECO ON Digital Services for Heavy Buses meets the needs of most PTAs and PTOs in terms of proactive maintenance and downtime reduction with specialized KPIs and trends available on online reports, as well as remote diagnosis and programming. The protection against cyberattacks is another focus of the system. Multi-brand data management with the ‘agnostic’ telematics system is possible as well as the integration of third party apps, which was the biggest reason to vote for this all-encompassing telematics system”.

Other nominees were: TOTT UP for ‘GPS Training Partner’ and ZF Group for SCALAR.

  1. Digitally Enhanced Driving’ is all about partially and fully autonomous vehicles and all the sub technologies and tools it requires to be able to perform.

The winner was Karsan with the Autonomous e-ATAK. Motivation: “The Turkish OEM developed and produced the world’s first SAE-level 4 serial production autonomous bus. Together with the renowned partner ADASTEC, a software company, Karsan developed and implemented the software of the autonomous vehicle and the lidar and sensors applied on it together. The fully homologated midibus is already in operation since 2021 in the US and since 2022 in the EU (Norway), what makes it prizeworthy in a very tangible way. It could be test driven on the premises of Busworld Europe”

Other nominees were: Anadolu Isuzu for their ‘V2X’-System and Daimler Buses for ‘Active Drive Assist 2’.

  1. Last, but not least, the category ‘E-Mobility Management’ has been incorporated in the awards. Modern e-mobility is no longer about vehicles alone, but about whole systems to operate and charge a fleet of buses in a way that saves time and money.

The winner was ChargePoint/TWAICE for their ‘Battery Health Package’. Motivation: “ChargePoint and TWAICE as leaders in their fields of expertise teamed up to combine their unique strengths and bring a world’s first battery analytics solution that is seamlessly integrated in fleet management software to the market, independent from single OEM’s. TWAICE brought their expertise in battery analytics, building on top of ChargePoints Data Hub, and jointly integrating it into the ChargePoint system for maximum customer value. The all-encompassing and OEM-agnostic approach to an absolute focus topic in electromobility and battery safety convinced the jury to the full”

Other nominees were: MAN Truck & Bus for their ‘eManager’ software and Rampini for the hydrogen system ‘Hy4Drive’.

What about Busworld Europe 2023 Innovation?

Busworld Europe 2023 witnessed an exciting showcase of innovation, with companies competing for the prestigious title of “Busworld Europe 2023 Innovation.” The event saw a two-step process that engaged both the Busworld Awards jury and the visitors, culminating in the recognition of ten outstanding innovations.

First, the Busworld Awards jury carefully defined a shortlist from the pool of participants, recognizing the most promising and groundbreaking innovations in the field. This initial selection process ensured that only the most noteworthy innovations advanced to the next round.

The second phase of innovation recognition involved the enthusiastic participation of the event’s visitors. They had the opportunity to cast their votes of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the respective participant booths. This interactive approach not only engaged attendees but also allowed for a broader perspective on what innovations truly resonated with the industry’s stakeholders.

Following this rigorous process, the following companies were celebrated as the top innovators and awarded the title of “Busworld Europe 2023 Innovation”:

  • 3 in 1 DRL/DI/POS combination light by Superlee Corporation
  • Athenia ENVI Heat Pump with R744 by Thermo King
  • CO2 Heat Pump by Konvekta
  • EcoBusRapidDesign by Ctrine Engineering
  • Eleather by Generation Phoenix
  • I6s Hydrogen Efficient by Irizar
  • JTSolar Glass by Jaakko Tuote Oy
  • Reflexcontrol by Saint Gobain
  • ServoE by Bosch
  • Twiliner Coach Seat by Twiliner

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