A 2023 with a plus for Daimler Truck: the group has raised its sales to 526,053 units, against 520,291 in 2022. A percentage increase of 1.21%. The Daimler Buses branch reported strong sales performance with 26,168 units (+9% over 2022).

Another positive figure to highlight is that of battery electric vehicle sales, which increased by 277% (they had been 914 in 2022) to 3,443 units.

The performance of Daimler Buses had been particularly positive in 2022, with 24,041 buses and coaches sold, equal to a +28.3% over compared to 2021.

Daimler Truck sales 2023: buses +9%

The Trucks North America segment increased its unit sales by 4% to 195,014 units. The segment Mercedes-Benz sold 158,511 units (-5%), caused by a weak market development in Brazil. Trucks Asia increased its unit sales by 3% compared to the previous year to 161,171 units. Daimler Buses recorded a strong sales result of 26,168 units (+9%).

Martin Daum, CEO of Daimler Truck Holding AG: “In 2023 we have again increased our sales despite a continuously challenging supply situation which prevented even higher sales. We are very confident of achieving our financial ambitions for 2023. Our sales of battery-electric vehicles more than tripled compared to the previous year. We have expanded our product portfolio of battery electric vehicles for our customers in 2023 to ten different models. This is the foundation for future growth and underlines our aspiration to lead the transportation of the future.”


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