Eric Baleviez joined Safra on 1 January as Commercial Director of Safra Matériel Transport Public. The news of the appointment is reported on French specialized media Autocar&Bus Infos.

Eric Baleviez in Safra will be in charge of hydrogen buses, bus and rail, and H2 retrofit. Previously he held the position of sales manager in EvoBus France, in charge of commercial and technical development of the electric mobility offer, as mentioned on Autocar&Bus Infos. He had also a 10 year experiences in Heuliez Bus (bus sales manager) and 8 years in Keolis Lyon as maintenance manager.

eric Baleviez Safra
credit: Autocar&Bus

Safra in 2021 announced it has plans to bring to the market 1,500 French-made fuel cell buses. Having already partnered up in designing France’s first hydrogen-powered bus, Safra, based in Albi, and Symbio (a subsidiary of Michelin and Faurecia) agreed terms to build as many as 1,500 buses to be fitted with an optimised hydrogen system and a range of services that suit how these vehicles will be used. The partnership between the two companies was launched in 2019.


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