Fleete and Evenergi have recently announced a partnership that aims to accelerate the adoption of electric commercial fleets.

The partnership will offer a range of services to businesses seeking to transition to zero-emission alternatives for their fleets, from feasibility studies to financing and operating turn-key electric fleet projects.

Fleete and Evenergi for electric commercial fleets deployment

Fleete is a company that finances, builds, owns, and operates high-power, large-scale charging infrastructure for commercial fleets. Evenergi, on the other hand, is a global software and advisory business that offers software BetterFleet to optimize the transition of fleets to zero emissions alternatives. BetterFleet creates a digital twin of a region and enables the optimization of infrastructure for single or multiple local fleets. The company currently services over 150 bus, municipal, logistics, and utility fleets across the Asia Pacific, Northern American, and European markets.

The partnership between Fleete and Evenergi will focus on providing businesses with support in every step of their electrification journey, with Evenergi providing initial feasibility studies and Fleete providing financing and operating turn-key electric fleet projects.

Fleete and Evenergi partnership

Evenergi’s expertise in servicing bus fleets, combined with Fleete’s experience in providing charging infrastructure, makes this partnership particularly promising for the future of electric bus fleets.

Dan Bentham, CEO at Fleete, said: “We are excited to announce this partnership with Evenergi, to convert fleet electrification plans to action. We are seeing a lot of interest and commitments to convert to electric fleet, but also a lot of uncertainty of how to approach the transition. This partnership allows us to support even more fleet operators on this journey and commit to their low carbon future, today.”

Dan Hilson, CEO at Evenergi, said: “We have provided software and services to hundreds of fleets globally. Our clients are often looking for a financing and infrastructure partner who understands the space. We welcome this partnership with Fleete, who bring a deep understanding of the sector and significant financial fire-power to the industry. We are proud that Fleete has chosen to partner with Evenergi to help deliver on its vision to accelerate the electrification of transport, by de-risking and reducing the steep up-front capital costs of projects.”


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