An hydrogen bus model, a battery-electric one and a fuel cell minibus. These are just three among 15 new generation vehicles (alternative drives and diesel-fueled) unveiled by Russian GAZ Group at COMTRANS 2021 in Moscow.

GAZ Group, new buses powered with batteries and hydrogen

At the International Commercial Transport Expo the Russian company has showcased 15 new generation vehicles and buses and over 100 new technology solutions, including electric vehicles and H2 buses, vehicles packed with smart digital services, buses offering enhanced comfort for limited mobility passengers, transport with air sanitizing systems for extra safety of passengers during the epidemic, trucks with automatic transmission and ADAS.

electric hydrogen bus gaz

The 12-meter hydrogen bus unveiled by GAZ Group is the Citymax Hydrogen and has been realized in cooperation with Loop Energy and METTEM as providers of fuel cell module and powertrain respectively. GAZelle City small hydrogen bus (in the picture above) is also a highlight of the exhibition. GAZ has also presented the E-Citymax 12, a battery-electric 12-meter bus.

Vadim Sorokin, GAZ Group President, comments: «We have unveiled our new products to demonstrate passenger and commercial transportation solutions of tomorrow. They offer maximum comfort for limited mobility passengers. They are zero-emission vehicles, which means they make the environmental situation in cities better. They come with digital driver assistants, which means they make trips safer. They are packed with electronic services which help fleet owners make their business operations more efficient. They are beautiful to keep up with the changing image of today’s cities. Our engineers have combined global automotive trends with the company’s signature advantages thanks to which GAZ brand remains the most popular on Russia’s commercial vehicle market and exports to many countries across the globe: low cost of ownership, great functionality, and robustness in intensive operation».


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