Investment company Heramba has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Kiepe Electric, until now owned by Knorr-Bremse. Founded in January 2023 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany and Atlanta, United States, Heramba defines itself as “a special-purpose company focused on investing in companies with technologies and capabilities that can accelerate the decarbonization of commercial transportation”.

Kiepe is involved in the large project that will bring a fleet of (at least) 56 bi-articulated battery-powered buses coupled with ground-based charging system in Paris.

Heramba to buy Kiepe Electric

Knorr-Bremse already stated in 2022 that it was looking for a buyer for Kiepe Electric. “The divestment of Kiepe Electric alone is expected to boost the margin on earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) in the Rail Vehicle division by 60-90 basis points by 2025”, the group was quoted as saying in May 2022.

Kiepe Electric is a global leader in the electrification of road and rail urban transportation applications. Kiepe is also a specialist in vehicle charging solutions and is the leading supplier of In-Motion Charging solutions. In 2022, Kiepe introduced its proprietary High Power Charging platform, which facilitates vehicle fast charging and energy management for battery-electric buses. 

“The acquisition of Kiepe Electric is an exciting step forward for our team,” said Dr. Hans-Jörg Grundmann, Managing Director of Heramba. “Since its foundation, Kiepe has demonstrated a long history of evolving its business to deliver innovative solutions. With a focus on enabling sustainable mass transit, a portfolio of high-quality products and services, long-standing partnerships with leading global customers and an attractive backlog, we believe Kiepe is in a position to become a leader in commercial electrification.”


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