IAA Commercial Vehicles is expanding its concept and, as IAA Transportation, will be – in the organizers’ intentions – the leading international platform for logistics, commercial vehicles, buses and the transportation sector.

The new IAA Transportation – after the cancellation of 2020 edition due to the pandemic – will be held at the Deutsche Messe AG in Hannover from 20 to 25 September 2022. The theme: “People and goods on the Move“. One major goal of the new concept is, as the first international platform in the transport sector, to focus more on climate-neutral and technological transformation in the entire transportation industry.

IAA Hanover changes concept: welcome IAA Transportation

IAA Transportation’s expanded concept consists of four event elements. IAA Exhibition is the industry’s meeting venue for the year. International exhibitors present their innovations to an international audience, and can use premade stand construction materials (e.g., for start-ups) and other presentation formats in addition to their own stands. The renowned IAA Conference is the most important think tank for discussing the future of the transportation and logistics industries, VDA says. Speakers from around the world share their ideas in a variety of dynamic formats such as keynotes, panels and fireside talks and invite viewers to engage directly in dialogue on site and digitally. IAA Experience interactively involves trade visitors in the event. They are able to try our new industry trends and concept ideas live at IAA Transportation, thereby allowing them to experience today how people and goods will be transported tomorrow, and how services are being connected and made safer. IAA Digital, through its virtual presence, offers the opportunity to maximise reach and tap new target groups worldwide. Further details on these individual formats will be revealed in succession.

On the way to IAA Transportation 2022

With this new concept, IAA Transportation «is bringing relevant future decision-makers, global players and up-and-coming companies together in Hannover and around the world. Alongside infrastructure service providers and the tech industry, buses will also play a more important role than ever. Because of increasing traffic volume and the growing importance of logistics “in the last mile”, the new concept also includes infrastructure as well as urban and traffic planning. The leading industry event will also focus on the technological advancement of commercial vehicles on the road to climate neutrality», it is mentioned in the presentation of the new concept.

“We need a technological paradigm shift in all spectra in order to achieve climate-neutral, flourishing mobility. Manufacturers from the logistics and transportation sectors are facing considerable challenges. But with the new IAA Transportation, we hope to actively consolidate these synergies and interlink them in a productive manner. This is why we are expanding our concept, and linking leading innovators and concepts from the fields of transportation, logistics and intermodality. These include commercial vehicles, buses, trailers and structures, and connecting to the logistics in rail, ship, air traffic, and delivery robots for the last mile. We are also very pleased to have Deutsche Messe AG as a competent and committed partner to IAA Transportation,” says VDA President Hildegard Müller.

“When it comes to commercial vehicles and buses in particular, we need new engine designs, a new public fuelling and charging infrastructure, and increased digital networking in logistics in order to achieve the climate targets by 2050 at the latest. This will only be possible if we think globally and engage in open, inter-industry communication. The new IAA Transportation thus represents the end of the silo mentality in the mobility industry. I invite you to come to Hannover so that we can pave the way to climate-neutral transportation together,” says Müller.


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