The Indcar Strada e-City made its debut at Busworld 2019. And the Mobi City L7 sees the light, with available diesel and CNG powertrains. The Spanish bodybuilder is attending Busworld with several novelties in display.

indcar strada e-city

Indcar, the figures of 2019. A 7 per cent growth

«2019 has been a year of growth for Indcar, especially in the urban segment – says the company -. Sales of the Mobi range have skyrocketed, and now account for almost 65% of the sales. For this reason, the Mobi City range (100% urban) represents 35% of the sales of the entire company. This exponential growth comes partly from the good acceptance of Mobi City L7».

In total, according to the figures provided by the company, Indcar ends 2019 with 450 vehicles sold, 30 units more than last year, which represents a 7% growth.

The main markets for Indcar son, by order, Italy, Spain and France. «The Italian market is growing a lot thanks to the urban models – adds Indcar -. There is also a strong growth in the markets of the central and northern Europe, especially in the Scandinavian countries. The export accounts for almost 75% of the turnover».

Indcar, the challenges to come

The challenges for 2020 are, first, the serial production of the electric model Strada e-City in the premises of Arbúcies. Indcar also aims to consolidate the growth of the urban segment with new solutions for the Mobi range, presenting the model developed in 2019 Mobi City L7 and new gas engines. Among the targets there is also the expansion of the offer of alternative drives: gas and electric powertrains will be made available on other models of Indcar range.

Indcar Strada e-City, the electric minibus by Indcar

Indcar’s main novelty and commitment for this Busworld is the official presentation of its first urban minibus, Strada e-City Low Entry. The vehicle is 100% electric, zero emission and a capacity of up to 22 passengers.

indcar strada e-city

The project is an initiative of the European development program and the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. It has 5 partners (among them there is the public transport company TMB Barcelona).

Indcar Strada e-City, 200 km of range

The Indcar Strada e-City Low Entry is a compact size minibus. It’s 7.10 meters long and 2 meters high, and weights 7200 kg. The vehicle is based on the Iveco chassis platform, the engine being replaced by an electric one. The prototype was announced in end of 2018, and next year it is expected to go into serial production.

indcar strada e-city

The Strada e-City is equipped with Webasto air-conditioning of 7.7 kw, and a synchronous engine of 120 kw, with maximum peaks of 150 kw (whose supplier is not specified). The speed limit is 60 Km/h, although it may be modified to reach 100 Km/h.

According to Indcar, the 5 battery packs available (for 135 kWh) «give energy for 16 uninterrupted hours without the need to stop recharging. The consumption is 0.65 KwH/km, certified according to SORT1 test». According to these figures, range would be of 200 km.

indcar strada e-city

Mobi City L7, the smallest in Indcar range

As mentioned above, the Mobi City L7 is a new product of Indcar range. The smallest vehicles of the range is addressed to the cities that need very compact means of transport.

The Mobi City L7 is built on an Iveco Daily chassis. Its Euro 6 engine (that will be available also for CNG fuel) ensures minimum levels of pollution. Measuring 2 meters wide and 7 meters long, it may have different distribution. The maximum capacity is of 44 passengers (10 seated + 34 standing), a capacity that slowly decreases if the wheelchair space is added.

mobi l7

The vehicle exhibited in Busworld has a lowered rear entrance, PRM access ramp, air conditioning, heating, urban seats, ramp request button, and bars and handles for standing passengers. Among other equipment, the Mobi have interior security cameras, protection screen for the driver, camera for the bakc door, passanger counting system.

Indcar has win a public tender in Italy for 64 units. The tender, organized by ACaMIR, is the largest minibus adjudication made in Europe. The 64 units are being delivered to the Campania Region, and it has been awarded to the Iveco distributor in Naples, Socom Nuova SRL.

Busworld premieres, the Indcar Wing 2020

The main novelty of the Wing 2020 is the new Daily Iveco chassis, with a more powerful 220 hp engine, led front lights, and an interior with new driver functionalities, new steering wheel and automatic transmission.

The model exhibited in Busworld is a Wing L8,5, of 30 seats. The seats, model i30 +, are upholstered in leather, with a special diamond padding finish. The Wing model is also built in versions of 7 and 8 meters.

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