Half a year from the launch, already 100 vehicles in the orders book. In August 2021 Mercedes-Benz unveiled its first electric bus chassis developed for the Brazilian market.

Named eO500U, the chassis was about to be launched in 2022, meeting the demands of Brazil and Latin American market (but it will also be commercialized in Europe and Oceania, the group says). Now, according to Latinobus, 100 units have already been commissioned.

Mercedes-Benz e0500U: e-mobility in Brazil

The Mercedes-Benz eO500U chassis is a 4×2 standard model of the renowned O 500 range. Low floor, it can receive bodies up to 13.2 meters long. Its mileage will reach 250 km, Daimler says.

With electric motor integrated to the rear axle, the eO500U will come equipped with EBS electronic brake and energy regeneration system. The batteries are charged via plug-in cables.

“The market is looking forward to the chassis of Mercedes-Benz electric buses starting in the second half of the year,” said the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Trucks and Buses of Mercedes-Benz do Brasil, Roberto Leoncini, as reported on Latinobus. “We already have 100 orders scheduled for delivery between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023“.

“Industry 4.0 concepts in our company resulted in the flexibility of assembling several models on the same line. With this, we gain time in the preparation of the eO500U, making only the specific adjustments of an electric vehicle”, the General Director of Buses Mercedes-Benz Latin America, Sérgio Magalhães, is quoted as saying. “We are also in an advanced stage of training the team of employees for the electric bus, which requires specific assembly safety knowledge. For that, we have the experience of colleagues from Daimler Truck and SENAI”, he added.


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