Chinese brands Higer and Zonson have placed first in the electric mini and midi (respectively) bus tender issued by Naples transport operator ANM (the remaining lots have already been awarded to Iveco Bus and BYD). The news is reported on Italian trade media Autobusweb, belonging to our same publisher.

The two lots for mini and midi had gone deserted in the first round. Now ANM Naples’ competition for 65 vehicles has its (two) winners, both from China and both distributed by local firms.

Naples tender for mini and midi electric buses

The first lot, concerning mini plug-in buses from 5.8 to 7 metres in length – for a total amount of EUR 26,325,000.00 – saw Karsan, Otokar and Italian company Sitcar battle it out. And it was the latter that came out on top, beating its competitors by several points in the total technical and financial bid. Sitcar acted as dealer for Higer e-buses.

The second lot, on the other hand, plug-in short buses from 7.1 to 8.6 metres, welcomed bids from Karsan, Sitcar and Pagliani Service, based not far from Rome, offering Zonson Auto Corporation vehicle (belonging to ZTE group). Zonson e-buses with 10.8-meter length are already operating in Turin’s area in the framework of a bus-as-a-service contract handled by Enel X.

The duration of the contract is four years from the signing of the framework agreements. A second supply of a further 65 e-buses, 35 from the first batch and 30 from the second, is planned.


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