Park City, Utah – host to the Sundance Film Festival and several 2002 Winter Olympics events, and home of the U.S. Ski Team – has become the 500th city to boost the performance and efficiency of its public transportation network using Optibus, the technology company has made public in August 2021.

Optibus is used in cities including New York, Los Angeles, London, Melbourne, Brasilia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Optibus in 500 cities worldwide

To be more specific, Optibus’ AI platform for planning and scheduling mass transit is being used in 23 countries and counting, in North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. The company has over 180 employees across 11 countries and powers an estimated 2.5 billion annual passenger trips. Use of Optibus results in the reduction of an estimated 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually, the company calculates.

«The pandemic has shown us just how crucial it is for transportation providers to be agile and innovative – whether that means changing timetables from one day to the next or incorporating scooter docking stations into transit planning or figuring out how to meet passenger needs better by integrating fixed routes with on-demand transit. That agility is crucial because the needs of the people who live in our cities and towns are changing, and public transportation must change along with it», Optibus says. 

And adds: «By enabling public transit to be more frequent, more reliable and more appealing to passengers, we contribute to a reduced need for car usage and reduced congestion and pollution, while making way for more open streets for people, not cars, like those that have flourished in cities around the world over the past year. And by working with public authorities, private operators and partners to electrify bus fleets, Optibus is helping clean the very air we breathe».


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