The former e-troFit GmbH, known for its electrification technology of conventional buses and trucks, now goes by the name of pepper motion GmbH with immediate effect. “The main reason for the change of name is the continued expansion of the product and solution portfolio, which is open to all technologies, but also because of the momentum of the rapidly growing company and the associated internationalization of its business. These developments require corresponding changes to its corporate design and brand identity”, the company says.

And adds: “pepper motion as the company name is the umbrella brand of the world’s first digital OEM and embodies the company’s mission for the future of electromobility in the commercial vehicle industry. etrofit will continue to exist as a brand name in the pepper motion retrofitting business unit given its existing high level of international recognition and image as the innovation leader for electrification technology in the commercial vehicle sector”.

Pepper Motion, a digital OEM

“From our beginnings as a start-up company, our path has been characterized by dynamism, creativity and innovation. This is the only way we can also play a key role in shaping the transformation to a climate- and environmentally-friendly society with sustainable and emission-free electromobility solutions,” says Andreas Hager, CEO of pepper motion GmbH, describing the company’s philosophy. “We aim to become one of the world’s leading companies in the field of electric mobility and commercial vehicles with our technologies and solutions. Our new name, pepper motion, conveys the necessary spirit for this and creates the right associations in people’s minds internationally.”

Pepper motion: charging systems and digitalization

Charging infrastructure and digitalization concepts are among the products being developed alongside the company’s proprietary technological core vehicle control software, the vehicle control unit (VCU). In addition, its Green Mobility as a Service solutions model the entire electromobility of a company in a “price per kilometer”, starting with the vehicle including maintenance, charging infrastructure, and fleet management, pepper motion says.

Likewise, pepper motion is already working on solutions relating to battery and fuel cell systems for commercial vehicles. The company also has strategic plans for new vehicles in the commercial vehicle sector under its own pepper motion brand in the future.

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