Mobility on top. As the EU elections approach (they’ll take place between 23 and 26 May), UITP is calling for all forthcoming decision makers to take highly care of the topic of mobility in their agenda for the next five years. The international organization of public transport has released a Mobility Manifesto, that is now live alongside the #MobilityOnTop platform.


Mobility on top

The key role of public transport

In particular, UITP advocates to guarantee a tailor-made legal framework and underlines how, as new forms for mobility are emerging, public transport remains the indisputable backbone of any multimodal transport solution. UITP also calls on the EU to strengthen future investment and research funding for all forms of sustainable urban and local mobility.
“Public transport plays a major role in the life of cities and is also a key factor in the fight against climate change – UITP explains -. Representing more than 450 public transport operators and authorities in all EU member states, UITP will encourage the new EU decision-makers to ensure that mobility is on top of all relevant new EU policy. Alongside public transport, many other fields of legislation, such as digitalisation, social affairs or automation, have an impact on public transport and urban mobility. UITP expects MEPs with mobility on their minds, to sign up to our new Manifesto”.

Public transport to fight climate change

Thomas Avanzata, UITP Europe Senior Director, says: “It is high time for decision-makers to make urban mobility a key priority to achieve EU ambitions in terms of: inclusion, innovation, employment, clean air and fighting against climate change. These objectives will need to be translated into more concrete actions and important investments to help improve mobility in EU cities and the quality of daily life of EU citizens. We need decision-makers to place #MobilityOnTop of the agenda and invite them to sign our Manifesto.”


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