Two Mercedes-Benz Intouro are the first vehicles, out of an initial batch of fifteen total units, to be retrofitted to hydrogen with Safra’s H2 Pack, at the plant in Albi, Occitania, France.

With a range of 500 km, these first hydrogen retrofitted Class IIs will join the fleet of Spl, an operator active in the transalpine region.

Occitania is a pioneer region in the development of hydrogen technology, having adopted a €150 million green hydrogen plan in 2019.

Safra’s H2 Pack Kit

The H2 Pack consists of a 350 kW Dana electric motor, a 71 kW NMC battery, and a 100 kW fuel cell, all powered by 6 Omnium plastic H2 tanks capable of storing 35 kg of hydrogen at 350 bar, for autonomy of up to 500 km.

The H2 Pack kit, conceived, designed and produced by Safra was approved last March, after several months of testing and trials: the final go-ahead for the retrofit technology thus gives the “go-ahead” for mass production of these vehicles.

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