With 3,749 buses registered in 2023, the Spanish bus market grew 54% compared to 2022 data. The data, provided by consulting MSI, were published on the Spanish trade media Carril Bus.

Mercedes led the market with 946 buses, +88% on 2022 (and a market share of 25%, increasing the 20% covered in 2022). Second place for Iveco Bus with 471 vehicles and an increase of 40%. Scania conquered the third place on the podium (in 2022 that position was held by MAN): 462 units delivered mean a nice +60%.

Spanish bus market, a booming 2023

“A total of 2,239 complete vehicles and 1,510 coachbuilt vehicles were registered – Carril Bus reports -. Of these vehicles, 1,030 were long-distance coaches, 963 were intercity vehicles, 1,060 were urban vehicles, and 698 were minibuses and midibuses”.

spanish market 2023 bus

2023 has been a booming year for the Italian market as well, where after the 2,351 number plates registered during 2022, according to data collected by ANFIA, registrations of buses over 8 ton hit the figure of 4,043 in 2023. To find such a volume, we have to go back to 2024. The growth on 2022 is impressive: +72%.

On an article we published on Sustainable Bus Magazine May 2023, we found that “by 2022, the five main European markets had lost a quarter of their volumes compared to 2019 (…). In Spain the total market for 2020-2022 is worth, on average, 1,700 pieces a year. A third less than 2019, which was in line with a nice hat trick that started in 2016. The drop in the urban segment is consistent with the total trend, while the Class III saw a surge in 2022″.

Back to Spain, behind Mercedes, Iveco Bus (12% market share, slightly declining) and Scania, MAN grew 20% and Volvo 54%. Impressive growth was registered by Otokar, Temsa and BYD with +148%, +195% and +304% respectively. The only brand experiencing a decrease in volumes, according to the chart by MSI and published by Carril Bus, is Setra, with 67 units delivered (-24% compared to 2022).


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