The Clean Bus Europe Platform and the media are joining forces to bring the sector the latest news on clean bus technologies.

By beginning a brand new collaboration with, the Clean Bus Europe Platform (CBEP), where UITP is a lead partner, will bring together a major outlet and the latest initiative from the European Commission in their aim to support the deployment of clean bus tech across Europe.

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Clean Bus Europe Platform, to support clean bus deployment

The Clean Bus Europe Platform is an initiative under the European Commission’s Clean Bus Deployment Initiative that aims to support the deployment of clean bus technologies across Europe.

The CBEP aims to provide news on objectives, scope, and context, acting as a reference point for the sector on clean bus technologies (plug-in hybrid, battery electric, in-motion-charging, fuel cells & hydrogen, natural gas).

By entering this exclusive partnership with, the platform will include news content on clean bus tenders, orders, deployment.

The goal of the Clean Bus Europe Platform

Launched in October 2019, the Platform brings together European cities, transport authorities and operators, together with relevant stakeholders such as social dialogue partners, industry, financing, and funding institutions.

It is implemented by the APOLLO-EU Consortium, consisting of UITP, POLIS, thinkstep (now Sphera), FIT Consulting and Rupprecht Consult and is financed by the European Commission.

The Platform offers European cities the opportunity to learn from those who have already set up clean bus schemes through tools such as study visits and webinars –  and provide tailored technical assistance in the transition towards clean buses.

The collaboration between Sustainable Bus and the Clean Bus Europe Platform

UITP points out, with regards to the collaboration: «By working together, we will advance content on clean buses through the Toolkit including the Marketing Monitoring section and Library– alongside regular news updates, newsletters, and social media activity».

“The partners behind the Clean Bus Europe Platform are delighted to announce our new collaboration with As a leading publication within the bus sector, this partnership will advance the Platform by reaching a wider audience through regular high-end content. By strengthening the Platform as a reference point within the sector for clean bus technology, it will showcase itself as a vital tool for clean buses across Europe.”, says Aida Abdulah, Senior Manager, Knowledge and Innovation at UITP.

“We at are absolutely honoured to enter a collaboration with UITP and the Clean Bus Europe Platform. We launched this new project in 2018 with the awareness that the topics of sustainability and energy transition are demanding a higher level of information and knowledge in the public transport and bus sector. We’re proud to be the only international media focused on these topics, and this collaboration is a strong stimulus to deliver more and more updated and in-depth contents to our readers.” says Riccardo Schiavo, Managing Editor at

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