A new issue of Sustainable Bus magazine is out! And it goes along with a novelty: based on the rewarding results achieved in years 2020 and 2021, when the magazine was published twice a year, in 2022 we’ll be out with three issues.

To date, every issue has reached an average of 20,000 views on the digital version and an average 3,500 views on the paper one, which is distributed at the main sector-related events, conferences and exhibitions.

The contents of Sustainable Bus magazine 2/2022

What you can find inside?
✔️ An interview with Daniel Zellinger from FlixBus and Michael Milch from Freudenberg Group, with the focus on the future of coaches in the post-diesel era
✔️ An outlook on the TCO of e-buses and its evolution from now to 2030, by a team from Bocconi University
✔️ An experts’ plea concerning the safety of EV batteries (by Claudius Jehle and a great team of professionals)
✔️ A closer look to Turkish e-buses: BMC, Karsan, Isuzu, Otokar and Temsa have recently launched new products. Let’s go deeper!
✔️ Solaris Bus & Coach Urbino 9 LE Electric and Industria Italiana Autobus Citymood 12e in the spotlight!
…and much more!

⚡️ Finally, a real unicum: a portfolio of the battery-electric, fuel cell and hybrid bus model available on the European market.


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