The latest Sustainable Bus magazine, September 2021 issue, is out. The MAN Lion’s City E stands on the cover, while other prominent zero emissions bus models such as Isuzu Novociti Volt and Solaris Urbino hydrogen have been tested and put under the lens within the magazine. Interview? VDV Vice President Werner Overkamp outlines the future of public transport and energy transition in Germany.

A few highlights 👇
✔️ VDV Vice President Werner Overkamp outlining future of public transport and energy transition in Germany
✔️ A view on future developments on the global bus market
✔️ Bus Back Better scheme in the UK: where are we standing / where are we headed to
✔️ Battery leasing options and financial tools to speed up the transition?
✔️ Isuzu Novociti Volt: under the lens!
✔️ Solaris Bus & Coach Urbino hydrogen: fuel cell economy in Bolzano
✔️ MAN Truck & Bus Lion’s City E. Finally on the road!
✔️ Full hybrid buses. A comparison between Iveco Bus Urbanway hybrid, Scania Group Citywide LE hybrid, Solaris Urbino hybrid, Volvo Buses 7900 S-Charge

Sustainable Bus magazine, an in-depth approach

What is important to point out is that Sustainable Bus Magazine is a totally different tool than the website.

While the website is focused on the daily news coming from the market, with an always-updated approach, Sustainable Bus Magazine will be the perfect place for an in-depth approach, covering technical analysis, reports on market trends, interviews with main stakeholders and everything is involved in such a stimulating and fast-growing sector.

Launched in spring 2018, Sustainable Bus was at that date, and still is today, the only international media fully focused on clean buses and sustainability in the field of public transport. It saw the light in a specific historical and sociological framework. Urbanization and climate change are global challenges that ask public transport to change attitude. Public transportation is heading toward a transition that implicates a new paradigma.


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