After 3 years of being conducted digitally, the Sustainable Bus Tour 2024 will be built around two in-person conference that are set to be held within Next Mobility Exhibition (May) in Milan and the Euro Mobility Expo in Strasbourg (October), two of the main public transport exhibitions in Europe planned for 2024.

With a sharp focus on today’s projects and the challenges facing the public transport sector, the Sustainable Bus Tour aims to delve into key issues and future outlooks, facilitating discussions among operators, manufacturers, organizations, institutions, and providers of components and technologies.

The first leg of the tour, scheduled for May 2024 in Milan, within the second edition of Next Mobility Exhibition, will tackle the theme “Balance shifts in public transport: operators and industry in the energy transition era“.

This conference will explore topics such as internationalization, evolving business models, and strategic considerations in the face of energy transition.

Public transport is currently undergoing significant changes in operational and financial dynamics due to factors such as changing consumer preferences, technological advancements, and environmental imperatives. The trend towards internationalization is particularly noteworthy, with major operators expanding their reach beyond traditional boundaries to explore global markets.

Moreover, macro trends like electrification and on-demand transportation are reshaping business models, prompting operators to embrace innovation and flexibility. Meanwhile, industry players, including OEMs and component providers, are grappling with significant investments and the challenge of profitability amidst evolving technology and emissions standards.

Ready for a full electric city bus market?

The second leg of the tour, slated for October 2024, will focus on the journey towards a fully zero-emission city bus market by 2035 (as agreed at the EU level). It’ll be hosted by European Mobility Expo in Strasbourg. This conference will delve into technological advancements, business cases, market uptake, and financing models for zero-emission buses. Title? “On the way to a fully zero emission city bus market in 2035? Technology | business case ! market uptake“.

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As Europe gears up for regulations allowing only zero-emission bus sales in urban segments by 2035, the market is witnessing rapid growth, particularly in battery-electric technology. However, fuel cell bus projects are also on the rise, posing questions about the future landscape of urban transportation.

While fundings for public transport are ample and the market is rebounding in terms of registrations, questions loom about the localization of the supply chain, scaling up production capacity, creative financing models, and the handling of battery second life.

In conclusion, the Sustainable Bus Tour 2024 promises to be an enlightening and engaging platform for stakeholders to navigate the complexities of the evolving public transport landscape and pave the way for a sustainable future.


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