Transdev and Volvo Buses (plus, of course, the city of Gothenburg) are the protagonist of the largest single order of electric buses so far signed in Europe. Volvo Buses will in fact deliver as many as 157 electric articulated buses in Gothenburg starting in 2020.

The buses, as already reported on Sustainable Bus, will operate on a number of routes in Gothenburg. A city where Transdev is ready to manage the public transport network for ten years starting in December 2020. According to the plans, as of December 2020, Transdev will be operating 220 electric buses, the largest fleet of electric buses in Sweden. Globally, Transdev plans to operate more than 1,500 electric buses by 2024.

transdev electric bus gothenburg

Volvo Buses will deliver in Gothenburg

All of the buses will be of the recently launched 7900 Volvo Electric Articulated model. The bus has been unveiled at Busworld a few weeks ago, for the first time in a commercial configuration. It carries up to 150 passengers and offers 80% less energy consumption than a corresponding diesel bus, according to the data provided by the manufacturer.

electric bus transdev

What is more, the Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated has a new driveline, capable of 330 kW of output. Battery capacity reaches 400 kWh, and has been developed both for depot charging and fast charging on route. It’s kind of a novelty for Volvo, that started to realize electric buses six year ago with a strong focus on opportunity charging.

Fast charging buses for Transdev in Gothenburg

The buses for Gothenburg will be charged at quick-charge stations along the route, using the industry common charging interface OppChargeTM, in order to ensure the most efficient operation possible. In addition to the electric buses, the order includes 27 Euro VI buses for regional operations, running on biodiesel, Volvo Buses points out.

Transdev: we are leading operator of electric buses

“Transdev is today Europe’s leading operator of electric buses and we know what challenges there are with the transition to electric propulsion. For us as a mobility supplier, it is vital to always be able to offer passengers goodservice and functional vehicles, but it is also important that our drivers have a good working climate. New buses, in particular quiet electric buses, not only result in cleaner cities – they also improve the everyday working environment,” explains Gunnar Schön, CEO of Transdev Sweden.

“It is immensely gratifying that we have secured Europe’s largest ever single order for electric buses – no less than 157 buses. Volvo is a pioneer in electromobility and sustainable public transport. We have a holistic system perspective for cities that encompasses vehicles, services and charging infrastructure. We focus on solutions that offer high reliability and high service levels for route operators and passengers. This large order confirms that electric buses are already recognised as a sustainable and financially viable solution for demanding high-capacity public transport needs,” says Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses.

“Electromobility creates new exiting opportunities for urban planning since we now get emission-free and quiet public transport that can operate closer to the city’s residents.Volvo aims to be a leader in increased electrification and to be a partner for cities that wish to implement long-term sustainable public transport solutions for their inhabitants,”concludes Håkan Agnevall.


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