Tim Dahlmann-Resing elected VDV Vice President (as well as chairman of the TRAM Board of Directors)

VDV Executive Committee member Tim Dahlmann-Resing is board member of VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg and long-time chairman of the General Committee for Planning. Tim Dahlmann-Resing succeeds VDV Vice President Hubert Jung, who has chaired the TRAM Board of Directors since October 2016.

Tim Dahlmann-Resing elected VDV Vice President

“The new task at the industry association fills me with pride, but also with respect in view of the upcoming challenges in the sector – especially in view of a widening cost gap with the urgently needed increase in supply and infrastructure for mobility on the one hand and an unprecedented cost explosion in fuel, energy and material prices as well as the increasingly threatening shortage of personnel on the other. Industry solutions are needed here, for which I will do my utmost – and a close alliance with politics to achieve the climate protection goals in the sector by 2030,” says Tim Dahlmann-Resing, who was previously Hubert Jung’s deputy.

Oliver Wolff, VDV General Manager, is looking forward to the even more intensive cooperation in the industry and trade association with the new VDV Vice President: “Tim Dahlmann-Resing has many years of expertise from various technical and commercial fields and is exactly the right person to drive forward the topics of modernisation and expansion of urban mobility systems. Urban railways are elementary for mobility systems and are still not considered enough as a decisive part of the solution in this country. Here, we not only need further development towards even more digitalisation, energy efficiency and accessibility, but also actively addressing the change in awareness per public transport that is currently taking place in the public perception. The underlying public funding is the basis for this.”


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